How does it work and what happens next?

We will have a sit down chat or a phone chat to find out about your goals and what you wish to achieve with a cycling plan.

During that session we will go over:

  • Goal setting
  • Available time to devote to achieving these goals
  • Perceived strengths and weaknesses on the bike
  • Any medical conditions
  • Current level of fitness and riding

Next step will be to ride together to assess you and what areas I believe we need to focus on.

We have one on one rides throughout the season to see how you are tracking and to ensure you know how to correctly complete each drill.

You are encouraged to email or phone me on a regular basis to discuss how you are performing with your plan so I can modify it accordingly.

Closer to the event we can go over:

  • Nutrition advice for eating on the move, either for race food nutrition or endurance nutrition.
  • Race strategy and tactics
  • Bike position and equipment advice

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