Meo Cycle Coaching

Meo Cycle Coaching is run by myself, David Meo. I have many years of training experience and an extensive history of racing with many podiums for both myself and the teams I have raced in. 

I am passionate about helping age group cyclists like you reach your full potential with the limited time they have available between other obstacles that life throws at you. Your coaching plan will be designed based on the latest research in cycle training which provides a balance between volume and intensity but the key is getting this ‘balance’ correct. I use this philosophy, particularly as many riders also have full time careers, families & lives. The coaching plans are based on my years of practical experience on what works and what doesn’t. 

Before designing a training programme I work with you to establish key events, goals at those events and realistic time you have available to commit to your training. This varies between cyclists and is key to being able to customise a schedule that utilises your available training time efficiently. All riders are different and thus all training plans will be periodised differently.

There are many methods to measure training load such as Power, Heart Rate Monitor or Perceived Exertion and I will assist you to maximise the tools you have to get the best out of your training. At an age group level, going too hard or doing too much is a common mistake, especially for those that are competitive and enthusiastic. Any one of these tools, if applied correctly, can assist with this. 

Whether you race at a local or national level or simply enjoy riding your bike for recreation I look forward to assisting you in reaching your goals and enjoyment of cycling.

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Phone David: 021 941 114

Meo Cycle Coaching is based in Wellington, New Zealand.

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